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Like people, dogs are what they eat....

40% of dogs are obese. 46% of dogs and 39% of cats now die of cancer. Heart, kidney and liver disease are epidemic. Save your dog a lot of suffering, and save yourself a fortune in vet bills, by learning the truth about your dog’s diet. As part of your dog’s care, here are 10 important things you may not know about what your dog is eating and commercial dog food:

Heavily-processed fast foods (burgers, fries, tacos, etc.) as a big diet component can cause major health problems in people. How can fast foods be good for dogs? Only dog food manufacturers think this nonsense makes sense. Dogs and people share roughly 75% the same genetic makeup, and we have similar nutritional needs. What we’re doing to our own health with processed foods, we’re also doing to our dogs. And it’s happening faster. Try not to use commercial dog food.

Article from Dogs Naturally Magazine (Source). Read more about dog nutrition.

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